Hurt n' Wrong

by James Gilmore

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released October 15, 2012



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James Gilmore Eliot, Maine

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Track Name: Hurt N' Wrong
I used up all my energies
Holding on to what’s not worth holding on to
And if she's never been worth my time at all
How come she got me worshipping the ground she walked along

You see she's always aimed higher than the clouds
And the ground she left me crawling on
Oh babe i'm strong in many ways
But not of things pertaining to the heart

‘Cause baby I'm a singer now

Now I got a place for what you done,
In between the melody and strum
I’ve accumulated hurt and wrong
And found it rhymes real good into a song

I've been broken down to shattered bones,
As far as my heart i been looking but i don't know
The sun don't come out for us no more,
But I’ve only ever knew what a black sky's good for

‘Cause baby I'm a singer now
Track Name: For The Mourning
If I cried would you cry
Would you hear the news if I died
Am i something you think on from time to time
'Cause you wake me up most nights

Your ghost visited me today
to make me forget these are better days
She appears like a fog in between me and the truth
I'd know the flowers died if I could only see through
and still I call out

Hello, Hello
like she'd never done me wrong
Hello, Hello
like she was just anyone

I wore black for the mourning
'Cause I heard it's good for something
When you dress to match
The darkness that makes its way back from the past and I'd
kill to hear you speak with
some life still beneath it
when my words no longer
are bouncing off the ceiling over my bed
While i call out

And i never got the chance to
Introduce my real self to you
I think you might've like him
better than the first interpretation I had
While i call out
Track Name: I Sent A Letter ft. Amelia Hazen
I sent a letter to you I hoped it’d make you want to come home
I sent a letter then chased the postman all the way back down the road
You see I couldn't be sure if i was ready for you to know
But when you're alone i hear it's the best approach

My shadows these days seem to walk taller than i do
If you make nice with your ghosts there's nothing left there to haunt you
My blue and blonde blessings my feet tend to find their way to
I'm sure I need you and a guitar so I can talk to you

If you ever need anyone I’m you'll consider me first
I suppose I have less to teach then i do to learn
But if you'll try me on, I'll clean myself up like new
And I'd dust off a love too good to get used to

The loneliest times are when you're not alone at all
But when the company you keep you desperately need but don't talk
So I'd ask you then would you like to go for a walk
‘Cause our secrets our out now I'm invested in your thoughts

The lifestyle we choose began with the floor of slots
‘Til the papers grew thin but its ok ‘cause that's not all there is
This can still leave you broke, but it's nothing that could ever be bought
I'm a fool I’ll admit, you think i might be wrong, but I'm not
Track Name: North Thru South Dakota
If the watchman calls the darkness in
And pulls the shade between the sun and canyon
The stars float in among western winds
As if they thought our love was too dimly lit

If the watchman calls the darkness in
And frees the sun from its worldly prisons
To light wherever it feels most appropriate
And you were shining

I saw you shining

If the fires burn out on the devils playground
The billboards block even the rain from their clouds
Its not winter here but you can still fly south
But know the cold awaits when you come back around

When what fades in the mirror looks like where you started
And California falls flow down the horizon
I’ve never seen the sun set on the ocean
I think I’ll try it

I think I could try it

Yesterday we were in moab when I blink I think I can still see the red
Headed north thru south Dakota where we almost lost hold of our heads
Every song sings California when I touched the water I saw clearly why
Nothings brighter than the sunshine when over a pacific bed it lies
Track Name: Black Dimes
I stood above the ground
The same one that'd hold me down
When they took my bones
Chained me to my hometown
When real long was my life
And i'd seen the end of some terrible times
Seen the exchange for light with black dimes

I’d recall the change of hands
When no two sides argue theirs on a stand
Just a party of those who want the best for all of em
For only others you prayed
And you married whatever love came your way
No one else has a god damn thing to say
That day

And the days when i took ill
The ones i paid to insure will collect the bills
All the checks i send you know that they will
So they will
I’d seen the rapture begin
When the church of love is the only one that's left
Long stripped away were hate and judgements
That had been

when those who love to cook will feed
those who love to hunt will provide all their meat
those who want to repair will take care when you bleed
and when you need
Track Name: Plastic Armor Hide
the conversation continues behind my back
would you have ever told me if i didn't ask
I know that it is nothing more than glancing back
when you told your friends your secrets did they just laugh

i'm sorry but i like to paint with pains that should've never survived
i'm sorry but i'm a jealous man under this plastic armor hide
it shines like it was the real thing but you see like me it lies
you thought it was me that could do better and yet it was only you that tried

jealousy can be friendly when you get to know
she keeps me company at when you don't come home
unwarranted and unwelcome but she stays the night
i've learned irrational sadness is the worst kind

i'm sorry but i like to drown when my lungs are perfectly dry
i'm sorry but i'm a coward weak under this plastic armor hide
it shines like it was the real thing but you see like me it lies
you thought it was me that could do better but you're the owner of my eyes
if I waste your beauty not looking God would surely make me blind
Track Name: Could I Be Anyone
I made it from subcripts
to the headline
made my way from the blackness
into the spotlight
would i be the writer
or the main role
be the one they call a fighter
or just that guy on the floor

Could i be anyone
Could i be anyone

Would i be like a president
or the ones who make the real difference
dressed in the finest rags
or the guy that'll take em right off your back
would i deliver the good news
or think up a clever excuse
would i be the jury
or just lie to the police another killer on the street

Could I be anyone
Could I be anyone

Would i be the silent
no ones ever heard of me
or like the girl with such a good song
the people broke down the doors at amazon
would i be the afraid
when no rescue attempt by my country was made though i
pledged my allegiance
ever since my childhood days
Track Name: Alone With Ghosts
the history it holds
with a grip on my throat
it'd gladly let me go
if only i'd let it

till then my eyes fail to see
my voice rendered weak
the pain gave me everything
before it took it all

the crystals in the room
showed the stars and the moon
and i thought how could i even dare
believe the hurt was really there

'cause the rivers still would flow
and the gardens still would grow
regardless if I was
inside alone with ghosts

its only black without a light
my company will do fine
she held me when i lost my eyes
she held me when i was compromised

the time for faculty expired
my chance to run had left me tired
but I was a fool to have cried
with eyes that were blind

'cause the ignorant will know
the strong all had broken bones
regardless if i didn't know
while inside alone with ghosts

the water raced under the bridge
I'd never know what to make of it
she's broke so take her in is what they said
now we're broken but i'm so glad that i did

the days held the hours just the same
and the fates and destinies all still became
although I couldn't see from in the shade
and inside alone with ghosts i spent the day
Track Name: Evergreen
I made a habit out of looking
At stars that already died
They just seem to shine the brighter
Now that the had their time and it's over now

The ordinary surrounds like a plague
So you wouldn't recognize anyone
Under the suit jackets in their office space
That are draped on the black chair they lay

Sometimes i think you're the only reason i survive
Sometimes i think you gotta be the only reason i'm alive

I got some dark news from home
I never handled these things well at all
I was a king that stepped down from his throne
To weep when your not supposed to see my tears fall

Impossible was the weight to bare
From the gold I only held in one hand
There was no balance in my scale
The wealth wasn't enough to go around in my head

Grown evergreen when everything else lost its leaves
Sometimes I think that could be all I need